EBSD.get_average_neighbour_dot_product_map(window: Window | None = None, zero_mean: bool = True, normalize: bool = True, dtype_out: str | dtype | type = 'float32', dp_matrices: ndarray | None = None, show_progressbar: bool | None = None) ndarray | Array[source]#

Get a map of the average dot product between patterns and their neighbours within an averaging window.


Window with integer coefficients defining the neighbours to calculate the average with. If not given, the four nearest neighbours are used. Must have the same number of dimensions as signal navigation dimensions.


Whether to subtract the mean of each pattern individually to center the intensities about zero before calculating the dot products. Default is True.


Whether to normalize the pattern intensities to a standard deviation of 1 before calculating the dot products. This operation is performed after centering the intensities if zero_mean=True. Default is True.


Data type of the output map. Default is "float32".


Optional pre-calculated dot product matrices, by default None. If an array is passed, the average dot product map is calculated from this array. The dp_matrices array can be obtained from get_neighbour_dot_product_matrices(). Its shape must correspond to the signal’s navigation shape and the window’s shape.


Whether to show a progressbar. If not given, the value of hyperspy.api.preferences.General.show_progressbar is used.


Average dot product map.