kikuchipy is a community maintained project. We welcome contributions in the form of bug reports, documentation, code, feature requests, and more. The source code is hosted on GitHub. These guidelines provide resources on how best to contribute.


This guide can look intimidating to people who want to contribute, but have limited experience with tools like git, pytest, and sphinx. The shortest route to start contributing is to create a GitHub account and explain what you want to do in an issue.

That said, our contributing workflow is typical for Python projects, so reading this guide can make contributing to similar projects in the future much smoother!

This project follows the all-contributors specification.

kikuchipy has a Code of conduct that should be honoured by everyone who participates in the kikuchipy community.

Have a question, comment, suggestion for improvements, or any other inquiries regarding the project? Feel free to ask a question, open an issue or make a pull request in our GitHub repository. We also have a Gitter chat.