This page contains more in-depth guides for using kikuchipy. It is broken up into sections covering specific topics.

For shorter examples, see our Examples. For descriptions of the functions, modules, and objects in kikuchipy, see the API reference.

The tutorials are live and available on MyBinder: Binder

Load and save data#

These tutorials cover loading and saving of EBSD patterns, EBSD master patterns, and virtual backscatter electron images in the file formats supported in kikuchipy.

Reference frames#

These tutorials cover the relevant reference frames in EBSD and how to determine the detector-sample geometry, also known as the projection/pattern center (PC).

Pattern processing#

These tutorials cover processing of EBSD pattern intensities for enhancing the Kikuchi pattern.

Virtual backscatter electron imaging#

These tutorials cover virtual imaging with the EBSD detector, so-called virtual backscatter electron (VBSE) imaging.

Feature maps#

These tutorials cover extracting qualitative information from pattern intensities.


These tutorials cover crystal and/or phase determination from EBSD patterns, so-called indexing.


These tutorials cover simulation of Kikuchi patterns.

Multivariate analysis#

These tutorials cover multivariate analysis of EBSD patterns.


These tutorials cover plotting and visualization of EBSD patterns and maps, as well as plotting of EBSD master patterns and virtual backscatter electron images.

Tutorials given at workshops#

These hands-on tutorials were given at workshops.