Extract patterns from a grid#

This example shows how to extract EBSD patterns from positions in a grid evenly spaced in navigation space.

  • extract patterns from grid
  • extract patterns from grid
<LazyEBSD, title: patterns Scan 1, dimensions: (75, 55|60, 60)>
<LazyEBSD, title: patterns Scan 1, dimensions: (4, 3|60, 60)>

import hyperspy.api as hs
import kikuchipy as kp
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.rcParams["font.size"] = 15

# Silence progressbars
hs.preferences.General.show_progressbar = False

# Import data (lazily)
s = kp.data.nickel_ebsd_large(lazy=True)

# Extract data, also getting the grid positions
s2, idx = s.extract_grid((4, 3), return_indices=True)

# Get virtual backscatter electron (VBSE) image from the intensities from the
# center of the detector, also slightly stretching the contrast
roi = hs.roi.RectangularROI(left=20, top=20, right=40, bottom=40)
vbse_img = s.get_virtual_bse_intensity(roi)
vbse_img.compute()  # Drop if data was not loaded lazily
vbse_img.rescale_intensity(dtype_out="float32", percentiles=(0.5, 99.5))

# Plot grid of extracted patterns
    idx.reshape(2, -1).T,

# Plot extracted patterns
_ = hs.plot.plot_images(
    s2, per_row=4, axes_decor=None, label=None, colorbar=None, tight_layout=True

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