nickel_ebsd_master_pattern_small#**kwargs) EBSDMasterPattern[source]#

(401, 401) uint8 square Lambert or stereographic projection of the northern and southern hemisphere of a nickel master pattern at 20 keV accelerating voltage.

The master pattern was simulated with EMsoft [Callahan and De Graef, 2013].


Keyword arguments passed to load().


EBSD master pattern signal.


The dataset carries a CC BY 4.0 license.

Initially generated using the EMsoft EMMCOpenCL and EMEBSDMaster programs. The included file was rewritten to disk with h5py, where the master patterns’ data type is converted from float32 to uint8 with rescale_intensity(), all datasets were written with dict2h5ebsdgroup() with keyword arguments compression="gzip" and compression_opts=9. All other HDF5 groups and datasets are the same as in the original file.


Import master pattern in the stereographic projection

>>> import kikuchipy as kp
>>> s =
>>> s
<EBSDMasterPattern, title: ni_mc_mp_20kv_uint8_gzip_opts9, dimensions: (|401, 401)>
>>> s.projection

Import master pattern in the square Lambert projection and plot it

>>> s2 ="lambert")
>>> s2.projection
>>> s2.plot()

Examples using nickel_ebsd_master_pattern_small#

Adaptive histogram equalization

Adaptive histogram equalization

Plot nice master pattern image

Plot nice master pattern image