EBSDDetector.get_indexer(phase_list: PhaseList, reflectors: List['ReciprocalLatticeVector' | np.ndarray | list | tuple | None] | None = None, **kwargs) EBSDIndexer[source]#

Return a PyEBSDIndex EBSD indexer.


List of phases. EBSDIndexer only supports a list containing one face-centered cubic (FCC) phase, one body-centered cubic (BCC) phase or both.


List of reflectors or pole families \(\{hkl\}\) to use in indexing for each phase. If not passed, the default in pyebsdindex.tripletvote.addphase() is used. For each phase, the reflectors can either be a NumPy array, a list, a tuple, a ReciprocalLatticeVector, or None.


Keyword arguments passed to EBSDIndexer, except for the following arguments which cannot be passed since they are determined from the detector or phase_list: phaselist (not to be confused with phase_list), vendor, PC, sampleTilt, camElev and patDim.


Indexer instance for use with PyEBSDIndex or in hough_indexing(). indexer.PC is set equal to pc_flattened.


Requires that PyEBSDIndex is installed, which is an optional dependency of kikuchipy. See Optional dependencies for details.