ni_gain_calibration# int = 1, allow_download: bool = False, show_progressbar: bool | None = None, **kwargs) EBSD[source]#

A few EBSD calibration patterns of (480, 480) pixels from polycrystalline recrystallized Ni, acquired on a NORDIF UF-1100 detector [Ånes et al., 2019].

The patterns are used to calibrate the detector-sample geometry of the datasets in ni_gain(). The calibration patterns were acquired with no gain on the detector.


Dataset number 1-10. Default is dataset number 1, i.e. the calibration patterns used to calibrate the detector-sample geometry for the dataset acquired without detector gain.


Whether to allow downloading the dataset from the internet to the local cache with the pooch Python package. Default is False.


Whether to show a progressbar when downloading. If not given, the value of hyperspy.api.preferences.General.show_progressbar is used.


Keyword arguments passed to load().


EBSD signal.


The datasets are hosted in the Zenodo repository and comprise about 100 MB each as zipped files and about 116 MB when unzipped. Each zipped file is deleted after it is unzipped.

The datasets carry a CC BY 4.0 license.


>>> import kikuchipy as kp
>>> s =, lazy=True)  
>>> s  
<LazyEBSD, title: Calibration patterns, dimensions: (9|480, 480)>