Single pattern processing (used by signals).


fft(pattern[, apodization_window, shift, ...])

Compute the discrete Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of an EBSD pattern.

fft_filter(pattern, transfer_function[, ...])

Filter an EBSD patterns in the frequency domain.


Get the frequency vectors in a Fourier Transform spectrum.


Compute the FFT spectrum of a Fourier transformed EBSD pattern.

get_dynamic_background(pattern[, ...])

Get the dynamic background in an EBSD pattern.

get_image_quality(pattern[, normalize, ...])

Return the image quality of an EBSD pattern.

ifft(fft_pattern[, shift, real_fft_only])

Compute the inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) of an FFT of an EBSD pattern.

normalize_intensity(pattern[, num_std, ...])

Normalize image intensities to a mean of zero and a given standard deviation.

remove_dynamic_background(pattern[, ...])

Remove the dynamic background in an EBSD pattern.

rescale_intensity(pattern[, in_range, ...])

Rescale intensities in an EBSD pattern.