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KikuchiPy is an open-source Python library for processing and analysis of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns.

The library builds upon the tools for multi-dimensional data analysis provided by the HyperSpy library. This means that the EBSD class, which has several common methods for processing of EBSD patterns, also inherits all relevant methods from HyperSpy’s Signal2D and Signal classes.

Note that the project is in an alpha stage, and there will likely be breaking changes with each release.

KikuchiPy is released under the GPL v3 license.

User guide

Installation instructions, a user guide and the full API reference is available here via Read the Docs.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please read our contributor guide to get started!

Code of Conduct

KikuchiPy has a Code of Conduct that should be honoured by everyone who participates in the KikuchiPy community.


If analysis using KikuchiPy forms a part of published work, please consider recognizing the code development by citing the DOI above.