silicon_ebsd_moving_screen_in# bool = False, show_progressbar: Optional[bool] = None, **kwargs) EBSD[source]#

One EBSD pattern of (480, 480) detector pixels from a single crystal Silicon sample, acquired on a NORDIF UF-420 detector.

This pattern and two other patterns from the same sample position but with 5 mm and 10 mm greater sample-screen-distances were acquired to test the moving-screen projection center estimation technique [Hjelen et al., 1991].

Carries a CC BY 4.0 license.


Whether to allow downloading the dataset from the kikuchipy-data GitHub repository (pyxem/kikuchipy-data) to the local cache with the pooch Python package. Default is False.


Whether to show a progressbar when downloading. If not given, the value of hyperspy.api.preferences.General.show_progressbar is used.


Keyword arguments passed to load().


EBSD signal.


>>> import kikuchipy as kp
>>> s =
>>> s
<EBSD, title: si_in Scan 1, dimensions: (|480, 480)>
>>> s.plot()

Examples using silicon_ebsd_moving_screen_in#