kikuchipy 0.9.0 documentation#

kikuchipy is a library for processing, simulating and analyzing electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns in Python, built on the tools for multi-dimensional data analysis provided by the HyperSpy library.


kikuchipy can be installed with pip or conda:

pip install kikuchipy
conda install kikuchipy -c conda-forge

Further details are available in the installation guide.

Learning resources#


In-depth guides for using kikuchipy.


Short recipies to common tasks using kikuchipy.

API reference

Descriptions of all functions, modules, and objects in kikuchipy.


kikuchipy is a community project maintained for and by its users. There are many ways you can help!

Citing kikuchipy#

If you are using kikuchipy in your scientific research, please help our scientific visibility by citing the Zenodo DOI: